Have Your Carpets Cleaned by
The Owner!

(...because they're the experts.)

We believe that expertise and superior service come from having your carpets cleaned by owner-operators, not by inexperienced employees. For superior service and results, choose a cleaning company that is owner operated. The owner will come clean your carpets every time you call!

  • Owner Operators are expert carpet cleaners who have built their brands locally from the ground up, and they offer superior experience, expertise, thorough results, attention to detail, and especially superior customer relations. Support your local carpet cleaning expert. Choose an Owner Operator!
Superior Customer Relations

Superior Results

Our Selection Process
Expertise and Quality

Prestige Carpet Cleaning Service
Only Expert Cleaners Allowed

Perfectionists. Unbeatable work ethic. In every profession, there is an elite group. Carpet Cleaners are no different. Our cleaners must be owner-operated with at least 2 years of experience ‐ meaning the owner/expert will clean your carpet each and every time you call. Would you rather have a trusted expert clean your carpets every year, or a different employee in your house every time?

Qualified, Certified, Experienced Experts

We validate each cleaner's qualifications. We know which services require certifications to operate in your area, and we find providers who are dedicated to the craft, and have gone above and beyond to educate themselves in all of cleaner's areas of expertise.

Extraordinary Customer Service

Top-Rated customer service is our core value. We check ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and a few others. Cleaners included on our site must maintain a 4.8 average rating. Leave your cleaner a great review to promote the best!

Gold Standard Methods

You've heard of alternative methods of cleaning. Our carpet cleaners are experts in the Hot Water Extraction method, sometimes known as "Steam Cleaning", because the carpet manufacturers require this method to maintain their warranties. (And it gets your carpet the deepest and most thorough cleaning possible.)

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